Unskippable marketing Videos for unmissable startups.

We help startups make more of their content – with marketing videos! Our unique style, in-house equipment and post production get projects over the line in days – not weeks.


BBC quality video (true story), with gear that’ll fit (not fill) your office!

FLANK started from humble beginnings, just 2 brothers from the British countryside looking to become better marketers. Armed with an unhealthy work ethic, we’ve learnt to film, edit and produce content even the BBC would be proud of.

4k Footage
Drone (CAA Approved)
Slow Mo Footage
Professional Audio
Video Services
Social Media Content
Teaser Videos
Post Production
Animation & Voice Over

Video Production Experience

We've filmed at corporate offices, Scottish Glens and festivals. We tend to make people smile along the way too - we're good at that. With equipment, passion and time under our belt - we're here to deliver remarkable videos and campaigns for your business.

Bolster your arsenal, with Bolt–on Design, Development, Video and Marketing. In just 1 hire.

We build relationships with the clients we work for. We want to be an extension of your team, because that’s how you get the best from an agency. No shortcuts; no "bottom of the pile"; no "let’s pick this up on Monday". Help us grow a deeper understanding of your business and from day 1, we’ll add value - every month.


Video Production Process

Smooth cinematography, and quality video production come from a rigorous attention to detail, and meticulous planning & processes. We pride ourselves on bringing bold ideas to life. AND unlike other agencies, we tie our content + planning firmly to growth marketing. Meaning we aim to bring the creative back to the business goal.

Step 1

Identifying the story

What is going to make your video stand out? What is the purpose of the video? We cover a lot in our initial conversations to really get to the root of the brief and brainstorm a creative way of addressing it. We then work with storyboards, to build up an understanding of the key areas we want to capture.

Creative Web Process
Step 2

Paint the scene

Whether the video is set in your office, or in the screen of a laptop, or out on a British Farm we work to find the right setting and ensure we have the appropriate equipment to match. We have a growing list of in house gear. anything from professional audio equipment to 4k cameras, to drones!

Paint the scene
Step 3

Film day

Preparation is key to a seamless day filming. We arrive promptly, with scripts, questions and batteries charged. We like to present professionally, in a way that’s suitable for the occasion - we want to blend in, not be the weird camera crew in the corner. This helps us get more natural footage, and ensures there’s less of an intrusion.

Marketing Video Filming
Step 4

Video Editing

Now comes the fun part, archiving footage - finding the best clips to fit the narrative. Then uncovering suitable royalty free music and designing graphics to compliment the message. We offer video production services that cover more than just the brief, or the shoot. From initial concept to polished video.

Video Editing Production
Step 5

Feedback, publish & promote

We love feedback and we work hard with it. We work to get a video polished and always value the clients opinion on the best way to get things closer to the objective. We then provide exports of the finished video. Teasers for social engagement, and full length videos to host on your site, YouTube and beyond!

Test and go live

Extensive work in commercial, and storytelling video production. With an lean towards efficiency + marketing goals.

We want to build a relationship
We want to create great work. The more we understand your business, the more we drive results. Whether you need us every month, or every year - once we start working for people, we like to see them succeed.
We tie creative with the metrics
Working towards a marketing objective is what we pride ourselves on. We do this in a creative way, whether that be through our print design, web design or through video - we make sure we tie everything up, and ensure you get a return on your investment.
Remarkable work, fair prices
We’re efficient at what we do, and we love it - our pricing reflects that. We work on a cost per job basis, and if you submit the form below - you’ll find out pretty darn quick how much we cost.
Video production services in London
The hustle bustle, culture, and people in London inspire us everyday. We love walking to meetings and we’re also able to work in your offices on tighter / quicker feedback jobs. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team.
We design stand out marketing for distruptive companies.



(FLANK Answers Questions)

Video and SEO. Will it look good to Google?
The Internet loves video, although Search Engine Bots can’t digest everything that’s going on in there (yet) there are some significant improvements that you can make to ease the process. Providing transcribed versions of the content is a good place to start, and if the purpose of the videos is to embed on your website - we’d recommend Wistia as a go to tool for making that happen.