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Website rewrites for stand out startups

If your messaging is mindful of everyone, it’s probably sh*t.

Get expert advice, uniquely tailored suggestions, and copy and paste improvements for your URL in the next 72 hours 🚀

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This went above and beyond any type of preconceived notion I may have had prior.

Timothy, Founder

A new creative energy not just into our marketing copy but the team itself. Easiest money we’ve ever spent on marketing.

Felix, Founder

The ideas were spot on in terms of using language to evoke a specific emotional connection we want associated with our brand.

Val, Founder and CEO

I admired the copywriting of competitors and wondered how to replicate it. This made me express the concept to our audience with laser focus.

Wilson, Co-Founder

Wow! Super impressed with the Flank team and their ability to re-craft my copy. After their detailed analysis and feedback, I have so many ideas to run with.

Dustin, Founder

We loved all the suggestions, and immediately implemented some of them, with plans to reorganise our homepage to facilitate some of the other improvements!

Artem, Co-Founder

Loved how it's come out, and how it's packaged up. This has been insanely helpful! Thanks!!

Edward, Co-Founder

It's how you'll gain more traction with marketing

Designed + refined with loving help from

  • ProductHunt Community
  • Reddit Community
  • IndieHackers Community

I've built + refined marketing for tons of startups.

Most know why their product is game changing, but almost all fail to communicate that difference with their marketing.

That's because when we work hard and look for long enough, we can uncover more use cases; cater to new investors; target more demographics…

You're being inclusive. That's lovely.

But I'm here to tell you – that's dumb.

A website rewrite is the first step on your journey to stand out with your marketing and breakthrough with your audience. We don't work well for safe, standard offerings, which is why we focus on disruptive startups.

This is disruptive step #1. Leaning into your difference, being authentic and attracting an audience that actually cares, because they feel the same.

Being disruptive should be polarising.

To stand out to the right people; you'll need to be confident, project with vigour, hold strong opinions… and that's not going to rub well with everyone.

But I'm here to tell you – not only is that okay, it's how you'll gain traction.

Traction without throwing 💰 into ads

The only way to get more people to agree with you, is to get more people to disagree with you. We'll rewrite your landing page, and show you how it'll win more customers.

Designed for results

Detailed feedback on the key messaging that needs to change, and a copy & paste alternative of what will work better.

Completely original

Uniquely tailored to your website, industry and product – we'll pump your marketing with personality and tell you why that's important.

A fresh perspective

Get a fresh perspective on your business and sales messaging, and a better understanding of how to go forward.


Startups have used our rewrites:

to A/B test landing pages

as a copy and paste refresh

to repurpose and use on social

to stand out in the SERPs

to inspire new blog posts

Stand out with your marketing and breakthrough with your audience

Book your Rewrite   
Only £129 with a 100% money back guarantee

How it works (quick timeline)

    (Right now)
  • 💰 Order your rewrite below and checkout through the form
  • ⁉️ We'll send over a few questions we'll need you to answer before we get started
  • 👨‍💻 Once we have the answers, we'll get to work within 72 hours (tends to be quicker)!
  • (In 3 days)
  • 📊 We give you a status report on how we found your existing messaging
  • 🙌 Provide comprehensive improvements + suggestions from our unique perspective
  • 🤳 We'll send you a simple summary email with private resources to followup
  • (In 4 days)
  • 🕺 You write us an awesome review, or get your money back


(FLANK Answers Questions)

💡 Am I going to be offended?
GREAT question. Sticks and stones... This product isn't about condemning what you have (especially if it's good), or provide your perfect 'forever 👰' messaging. It's about getting your text closer to traction – it's an iterative process like everything.
💡 Why do this right now?
We want to ensure you startup is positioned. That means clearly and succinctly to an audience that cares. An investment in first impressions (like messaging) will have a far better ROI than investing in 000's of them through ads.
💡 How quickly will I receive my audit?
There's a few steps here. You'll first be met with some questions about your business, once you've completed that then your audit will arrive within 72 hours (Mon-Fri).
💡 Can you help non-English sites?
That's a blaady good question ol' boy! Unfortunately not – It's definitely better to hire a marketer fluent in your language.
💡 What can I take from this?
Well that's entirely up to you, which is why we've included the section above about use cases - you can copy and paste everything we suggest, use it to inspire some new Google Ads you want to run, or even use it as part of a blog post.
💡 Is there a limit to the # of words?
There is not. What's unusual about our service is it's adjusting what you have, not writing from scratch. That means that we'll start in the areas that need the most help and work our way down – as such we're not going to rewrite everything, just the bits that need it most.
💡 Can you review a website I don't own?
That's a great question and the answer is no. We don't offer this service to agencies on behalf of others, this service only works with the blessing and enthusiasm of the internal team.
💡 Can you help me with a competing product?
Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to competing products or services to Flank. Generally it's just too conflicting, and although they'd be simple industries / potential audiences for us to understand – they're too hard to think clearly about.
💡 Can I ask you specific question about my site?
Sure – focus our attention and we'll dedicate more time to things. After checkout you'll get asked to fill out a form. You can leave additional comments and requests in there.
💡 Do you only make text based recommendations?
Often we'll comment on design and usability aspects (if we find it necessary) as well but these are primarily messaging-focused audits.
💡 How will I receive my audit?
Your report will be sent as plaintext (to copy and paste) and we also like to include a visual example for above the fold content. Only you (and your team, if you like) will have access.
💡 Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we want you to be 100% happy so we will 100% refund anyone who isn't. No questions asked. Just please don't abuse it (i.e. keep ordering and refunding).