Drone footage is so effective for Digital Marketing

I actually stumbled on drone footage through YouTube a long time ago. Like most, I was stunned at how exciting things can look from above!

So I decided to work on producing footage like that of my own.

That was back in 2015.

I brought my first drone from LA, and flew it in the Colorado mountains. That was a pretty special way to get started.

In 2017, I got a little more serious about it – because I was good at it, and it became something people wanted to pay me to do. …They must have seen one of the videos I made on my weekend about Canoeing or driving a Smart car accross Spain.

I upgraded my equiptment and took things more seriously, which introduced some new challenges.

You can't use drone footage commercially if you're not licensed.

How do you get licensed? In my case that was by travelling to Devon, and sitting in a classroom for 3 days learning about aviation terms and cloud formations – how nostalgic!

After I got myself qualified, insured and more importantly confident (CAA ID 4125) I began capturing amazing drone video for clients.

As we're starting to see aerial footage adopted more and more — new challenges present themselves. The novelty has worn off, and it's up to us to explore new ways to make the most out of your location, and find exciting ways to show it off – drones are great for that, and great for marketing.

P.s. a special mention if you're in charge of a golf course. I'll trade drone discounts for golf discounts!

CAA Approved Drone Filming

Looking for Drone footage without the cost of hiring me? A selection of Flank footage is available for purchase through the Amazing Vreel Drone Stock Footage website.