Print Design that’s more than just pretty pictures.

We’re graphic designers. We create everything from beautiful brochures to humungous hoardings and we work for global companies in a local way.


Bleed > Crop… if you know what we mean.

Over the years our duties haven’t ended at business cards, the sky is the limit and no project is too complicated. From custom (hand made) packaging, to billboards in airports – been there, got made the T-shirt!

Creative Design
Flyers & Leaflets
Large Format Design
Advice on finishes
Package for print
Bespoke techniques

Print Design Experience

We're trusted by both local, and global brands to design printed materials that stand out. From London Tube Ads, to bespoke saddle stitched portfolio’s - we boast over 10 years of experience creating beautiful designs, to print onto remarkable materials.

500gsm Premium Tri-Fold handout
500gsm Premium Tri-Fold handout
Branding with an environmental swing
Branding with an environmental swing
A5 printed brochure w/ spot UV finish
A5 printed brochure w/ spot UV finish
24pp Marketing Brochure
24pp Marketing Brochure
Branding for marketing consultancy
Branding for marketing consultancy
Formatting of Inside page spreads
Formatting of Inside page spreads
Branding for a music management collective
Branding for a music management collective

Bolster your arsenal, with Bolt–on Design, Development, Video and Marketing. In just 1 hire.

We build relationships with the clients we work for. We want to be an extension of your team, because that’s how you get the best from an agency. No shortcuts; no "bottom of the pile"; no "let’s pick this up on Monday". Help us grow a deeper understanding of your business and from day 1, we’ll add value - every month.


Print Design Process

We’ve spent years perfecting our print design process, and we’re a full service agency. Which means we offer our clients more than just a design. We consult on anything from producing the final content, to picking the perfect paper stock.

Step 1

Perfecting content

We take pride in everything we produce, that means we want the best for your finished piece too. If you’re supplying us with content, then we enhance images and will happily suggest photography and changes to build on your work. Alternatively, we can brief our in house copywriter to get targeted content created that fits the format, and performs.

Creative Web Process
Step 2

Beautiful design

Now that we know what we’re working with, we get to work on the design. With experience working with global clients we understand that every brand is unique, and we create beautiful and consistent print projects – with or without brand guidelines. Using the latest software, and techniques we prepare everything from bleed, to perforated lines. And we work to grids and mm’s to ensure we’re sending things to printers - without the need for a callback.

Beautiful Web Design
Step 3

Suggest Process

Creating beautiful print work could (but shouldn’t) stop at the computer. We have an in depth knowledge of paper quality, stocks, and the finishes available. We liaise with printers at no additional cost to ensure we all get finished products to be proud of.

Video Editing Production
Step 4

Design → Print

No excuses, we work to the deadline we agreed - when we agreed it. When things are tight, it’s good to know that we reply in minutes not hours, and can deliver projects in hours not days. Just one of the perks of choosing our in house London agency.

Test and go live

Over 10 years of remarkable branding, digital and print design.

We’re responsive.
We want to reply quicker than you. Like a needy spouse. Whether it’s a simple text amend, or a “stop the press” moment – when your deadline is right around the corner, so are we!
We want to build a relationship.
FLANK become part of your team, and we work like it too. The more we do together, the more we understand each other – and the more efficient (and cheaper) we get.
Remarkable work, fair prices.
Design doesn’t need to be expensive, and we don’t make it. We’re totally transparent with our pricing, and we work on a cost per job (not hour) basis.
Print designers in London.
The hustle bustle, culture, and people in London inspire us. We love walking to meetings and good news we know all of the best London printers.
We design stand out marketing for distruptive companies.



(FLANK Answers Questions)

How quickly can you start?
Let’s start with the one we get the most. Normally within the hour, but it depends - fill out the form above and we’ll be in touch to let you know. Alternatively - give us a call.
What is GSM?
GSM refers to grams per square metre and is used to calculate the density of the paper. In most cases the higher the GSM, the thicker the paper. In our experience, higher GSMs tend to give a more premium feel though, it’s all about placement. E.g. Notebook pages wouldn’t suit anything above 100.
Do you know a printer in London?
We have our favourite London printers, but each project often leads us in a particular direction based on budget and timeframe. We’d be happy to suggest one during the process.
Are 24 hour printers any good?
As well as being close to us, being in London has other perks - good 24 hour printers do exist. We have used some, and we have had good experiences, though you may be limited with paper sizes, stocks amongst other things.
How quickly can printers deliver to me?
Printing has come a long way, and most offer next day delivery options. To our more loyal customers, FLANK also can offer to take some of the stress away by receiving / picking up your jobs and delivering them to you when time is extremely sensitive.