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We’re a young, ambitious and friendly agency. If you’re looking to feature us (that’s great!), here are some resources to get you started. If you need more, then use the details below to get in touch.

Brand Description

A description of our business from a bio perspective, for more information about us - please visit our story page.

Short Description

FLANK is a startup marketing agency. We make videos, build websites and design marketing campaigns that grow businesses.

Boilerplate Description

FLANK is a bolt-on marketing department. We start and scale creative marketing initiatives and have a proven record of growing businesses through creative campaigns, and beautiful execution. We provide a rounded approach to campaign development and focus on video, design and development to execute.

Require our full brand guidelines? You can download a .zip here.

British Farming Series

Some assets for coverage of our sucessful British Farming YouTube series.


(FLANK Answers Questions)

When was FLANK started?
FLANK was founded in January 2017.