A Locals Look At

Wolf Pack Lager

We'd absolutely love to work for you guys. You're our favourite new spot in town (Queens Park), and to prove our worth, I've taken it upon myself to write up a report into the digital presence of Wolf Pack Lager. For your eyes only.

Forward: All of the content in this page is completely custom, and written for you. It's easy to find areas of improvement on every website (including our own), so please treat it as a free + humble reference.

Wolf Pack Lager

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Performance
3 Quick Wins

Website Usability


More technical based suggestions. The site isn’t loading as optimally as it could. I’d suggest compressing some of the core files and images. Also use browser caching.This is important for SEO amongst obviously making it nicer for users. These are all things that can be done very easily and I’m here to help if you ever need.

The good stuff…

We don’t just build websites.
We’re a taskforce, that’s why we’re called FLANK. We don’t just suggest changes, we have all of the skills to implement them. We’re marketers, coders, designers, cinematographers and lots in between. Our primary focus is delivering you a return on investment.
We’re filled with ideas.
We work with busy teams, and we pride ourselves on driving great ideas (ours or yours) forward. Wolf Pack Lager has so much potential, and there's so much value we can add to you as a client.
Quality work for a good price.
We pack a big punch for a small agency. We're 2 brothers (hence the we). We don’t cost the earth - because we left our jobs to do what we love. Which is more important to us than being gazzilionnaires
See you around.
No pressure! + aside from all of this, my housemates and I love your bar! I’ll probably see you in there - with a beer in hand no doubt.