Frank is a Cocker Spaniel

In digital marketing it's popular to show off your office dog – we don't have one. Frank hates the office, he's a force of nature.

Born Franklin D Ru'sevelt in February 2019.

He loves lots of things, but… few of them relatable.

You can watch him enjoying a little bucket bath, sparring Sunny the farm cat, or follow his progress on the Flank insta.

You want to know my favourite thing about Frank?

He always knows what he wants, and you always know what he wants.

He's grateful, built for purpose, and relentlessly consistent.

When things are that clear – life is better.

Frank is little metaphor.

Projects run better when we focus on the areas that we love, trust eachother to fulfill our commitments, and work consistently together.

That's why Frank and Flank work so well together.

And it's the same reason Flank will work so well for you.

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I love working with down to earth businesses, and people that really care about what they do.

Unlike Frank, I do enjoy time in the office – though – we do share a passion for the more humble & wholesome things in life.

Require digital marketing expertise? Talk to Flank.