British Farming

FLANK is producing 1 video every month in 2018 on British Farming. Showing what life is like on a small UK farm AND introducing all of the characters that make it happen. Subscribe to get the next episode:

Available Episodes

Watch all of the episodes from our British Farming series, being posted throughout 2018.

The next episode will be released on the 1st October.
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Meet the family

The story we're telling is more than just British Farming. Like all good stories it's about the characters - luckily for everyone. There are a lot of good ones.

About the farm

Set in between Oxford and Milton Keynes this farm has been in the family for 5 generations. Set in 150 acres, though it's a relatively small UK farm – it is picturesque and happily houses over 300 animals.


A refreshing, behind the scenes look at British Farming.

Let's be clear – we’re not working to push any agenda. This 12 part video series is here to showcase what life on a small family farm is actually like - month by month. Throughout 2018.

Look at it as a resource, there’s no clever editing and certainly no makeup. It’s raw, and a true to what happens when we turn up with cameras and ask “what are we doing today then?”

The next episode will be released on the 1st October.
We can email it to you if you'd like?