A story of Marketing and its power as an ART.


If you're reading this, the chances are – we share a common goal.

You're spending time bashing around the internet, because you want to find clever ways of getting in front of the right people for your business.

Gah, marketing!

It's hard to settle on the right strategy, the right tools and the right people because a magic formula doesn't exist…

…at least not one you should trust.

Growing your business with marketing isn't a set of steps; or the perfect strategy; or even the biggest budget.

Marketing is an art, just as much as a science.

Scary, subjective stuff.

Marketing Art

Allows you to be unique, stand for something, be creative.

Familiar, calculated stuff.

Marketing Science

Allows you to optimise, and make data-driven decisions.

That's the elephant in the room for anyone selling marketing services. Nothing can be guaranteed when half of the job is subjective… It's why marketing is so hard to study, and great marketing is so hard to replicate.

When the elephant isn't addressed.

When pushed for speed and results, marketing becomes reused templates, recommended tactics and patching things up with advertising. I have seen that time and time again.

If you stop investing in what makes your business unique (the art), you'll loose the biggest point of difference in your marketing: Your difference.

That's why there are so many soulless looking companies out there.

Why I say "hey" to the elephant.

Marketing is being sold as 'quick' and 'simple', when it should be seen as an investment.

Digital advertising can get you in front of 000s of people right now – but ads don't make people like you.

I believe that when we find that little spark, we should carve the niche… and like anything of worth, that takes time, and effort, and that's why it's so effective.

Because it's authentic to you, enchanting to your audience and flat out impossible to compete with.

That's how I create marketing.

So over to you – how do you want your customers to think about your marketing?